First Cut or Trim Notices

Tree Interference with Power Lines

Trees that grow too close to power lines can cause problems with the local power supply and be a danger to the public.

If it is noted during a survey of your area that trees on your property have grown too close to the overhead lines, you will be issued with a notice requiring the trees to be cut or trimmed in accordance with the Electricity (Hazards from Trees) Regulations 2003.

Under these Regulations, Horizon Energy will provide the first cut or trim for these trees at our cost if the following conditions apply:

  • According to Horizon Energy’s records the trees have not been subject to a previous cut or trim at our cost.
  • The trees do not form a shelterbelt.
  • The trees have not been the subject of a previous agreement.
  • The trees are not for production value etc.

In these circumstances, a First Cut or Trim Notice will be issued.

Before this work is carried out, you will need to complete and sign the first cut or trim notice and return it to Horizon Energy.

Failure to complete, sign and return this notice within 10 working days may result in you missing out on this first free cut or trim and you may be charged for any work needed to clear the trees from the power lines.  Please read the back page of the notice as there are several important points about the tree regulations that you need to know, including the following information.

Ongoing Responsibility is Yours

Once we have done the first free cut or trim, you as the tree owner are responsible for keeping your trees away from the power lines.  The zone tables and diagram below show the growth limit zone and the area that you will need to keep the trees outside of in the future.

You can declare No Interest (not applicable to shelterbelts or production trees)

Growth Limit Zone

 Overhead Line

 Notice Zone

 Growth Limit Zone

 33kV - High Voltage

 3.5 metres

 2.5 metres

 11kV - High Voltage

 2.6 metres

 1.6 metres

 400V/230V - High Voltage

 1.5 metres

 ½ metre

  1. The above distances are from power lines.
  2. Distances must be maintained under all conditions, e.g. high wind.
  3. Low voltage is the power line between the house/building and Horizon Energy’s transformer.

Fall Zone

It is important to realise that larger trees located outside the minimum safe distance from power lines can still fall through the lines. Any work that occurs within four metres of power lines requires Horizon Energy consent.

Serious consideration should be given to the species and placement of trees on your property to ensure they do not interfere with the power lines now and in the future.

Remember – that lovely little shrub you planted may become

a five metre monster in a few years!